Virtual Surgery

Virtual surgery is a whole new step into the cutting-edge dental technologies.

More recently, Dr. Roberts & Dr. Hall have begun to rely on three-dimensional imaging techniques, or CT scans, to provide them with a detailed view of the mouth and skull. They are proud to have one of very few three-dimensional dental x-ray machines in the Magic Valley and to be able to offer the benefit of CT scans from the comfort of our dental office, eliminating the need to refer patients to another office or to an imaging facility.

The I-CAT scan system scans the patient's head and jaw bones in 3D, creating sharply detailed computer measurements of the head, joints and airways that can be viewed from any angle and even as cross-sections. It is a huge improvement from traditional dental scans because it allows Dr. Roberts & Dr. Hall to diagnose patients, spot disease, and test surgical procedures in 3D. This helps predict outcomes for technical procedures like cosmetic dentistry, reconstructions and dental implants.

With the help of the virtual surgery planning, our doctors are able to view a new angle of facial symmetry and the relationship of the bones and create a treatment plan to perfectly match the patient needs. The CT scanner provides Dr. Roberts & Dr. Hall with three-dimensional images of a patient's jaws and allows them to create a pre-surgical treatment plan and virtual surgery resulting in a safe and precise treatment. This allows for a dramatically shortened surgical time, thereby reducing post-operative pain and swelling.

Some of the benefits of virtual surgery over traditional methods:

Accuracy - treatment is carefully planned and executed with exacting precision;
Speed - treatment and recovery times are vastly reduced;
Comfort - using CT scans to plan the implant treatment is fast and precise, the results are accurate, and the patient comfort is improved;
Predictability - the entire process is planned on-screen, so potential problems can be resolved virtually to minimize the chance of unexpected complications.

Give your smile a bright future.