Smile Gallery

We are proud to share with you some of our remarkable before and after photos. We have amazing patients at Roberts & Hall Dentistry and are thankful that so many of them are willing to share their stories and photos with the world! We invite you to look through our gallery and if you’re still curious about the patient experience you will receive at our office, hop on over to our testimonial pages and patient reviews to learn more!

Smile Reconstruction 1

This patient was treated with porcelain veneers on the upper and lower arches to correct staining and crowding of her natural teeth. The result is a more youthful and vibrant smile!

Smile reconstruction 2

Not only did this patient veneer his front teeth to fix the staining and uneven lengths, he also had his old porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns replaced with all-porcelain veneers, which are more translucent and appear much more lifelike. The result is a very uniform and natural shade transition as well as a beautiful new smile!

Smile reconstruction 3

This patient's before photo shows a very narrow looking smile along with some orthodontic crowding and staining. With porcelain veneers, the width of the smile can be broadened, the alignment of the crooked and crowded teeth straightened, and the overall shade brightened significantly. The end result is a big, gorgeous, youthful smile!

Smile reconstruction 4

This patient's smile in the before photos illustrates several common issues that people wish to correct with veneers. His teeth are crowded and rotated orthodontically, the overall shade is darker and stained, and there is a gold crown visible on his lower arch when he smiles. By placing full-porcelain veneers, the alignment can be straightened, the shade brightened up, and the metal dentistry replaced. The final result is a bright, metal-free grin!

Smile reconstruction 5

This patient's smile was darkened by staining caused by tetracycline, an antibiotic, that she took as a child. By choosing to place full-porcelain veneers, the dark banding was eliminated completely, resulting in a brand new white, beautiful smile!

Amalgam Removal - Molar Comparison

There is a dramatic aesthetic improvement when silver fillings are replaced with white composite fillings. To learn more about metal-free restorations and their benefits, head on over to our metal-free restorations page.

Amalgam Removal - Quadrant Comparison

These photos depict the before and after products of amalgam filling removal and replacement.

Veneer Comparison 1

Before full-arch veneers, this patient's teeth showed excessive wear causing very uneven lengths. His teeth were also severely stained, creating a very dark smile. By placing veneers on both the upper and lower arches, the teeth were lengthened, which also helped to increase functionality, allowing the patient to be able to bite and chew food more efficiently. The color was also lightened several shades. The even, bright, gorgeous result from these changes should keep this patient smiling for years to come!

Veneer Comparison 2

This patient had decay in several teeth across the front, which caused holes and dark staining. His teeth also had uneven edges, making his smile look crooked. Within the process of placing porcelain veneers on the upper and lower teeth, the decay was removed, the color was dramatically improved, and this patient was left with a clean, straight, white smile!

Veneer Comparison 3

This patient had staining in between her teeth and along the gumline. The overall shade of her teeth was dull and yellow. By placing full-mouth veneers, the staining was removed and the color was brightened significantly to give her a beautiful, bright white smile!

Give your smile a bright future.