Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also called "laughing gas", is a fast-acting and safe option to help relieve anxiety and make patients more comfortable during dental treatment.

Inhaled through a small mask, nitrous oxide takes effect within a few minutes to help you relax. Its use is not intended to induce sleep, nor will it eliminate the need for anesthetic. Patients often report light-headedness and a tingling in the extremities. You can still respond to your dentist's requests and answer questions. Your speech may be a little bit hazy and your responses may be slower than usual, but you will be relaxed and cooperative. You will know when you are receiving an injection and you may even feel it, but you won't panic or worry about. Your breathing and heartbeat will still be normal.

Many people appreciate the feelings of comfort and calm that nitrous oxide helps them to achieve. One of the greatest benefits of nitrous oxide is that the effects wear off as soon as the mask is removed, so patients do not need to have someone drive them to and from their appointments.

Dr. Roberts or Dr. Hall would be happy to discuss whether nitrous oxide would be an option to help you with your anxiety relief and comfort.

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