CT Technology

In recent years, three-dimensional virtual implant treatment planning and surgery has become a hot topic in implant dentistry. The utilization of CT scan images and treatment planning software in conjunction with guided surgery is one of the fastest growing segments of implant dentistry. The main purpose of three-dimensional scans is to visualize and to determine the ideal implant position of the teeth which need to be replaced.

Roberts & Hall Dentistry is proud to have one of the only three-dimensional x-ray machines in the Magic Valley. This new and affordable cutting-edge CT technology has made our office safer and more predictable. The new CT Technology provides highly accurate three-dimensional images and sharply accurate computer measurements of a patient's head, joints and airways that can be viewed from a 360 degree angle and even as cross-sections. This is extremely useful for the diagnosis, planning and treatment of orthodontics, implantology, analysis, virtual surgery and other dental procedures. It has a lower radiation level, does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient and is finished in much less time compared with the conventional CT scans.

CT technology depicts more accurately the bone height, width and important anatomical structures. An additional benefit is the ability to virtually perform guided surgery prior to the treatment and choose the optimum implant placement so the patient gets much safer and much quicker results.

Give your smile a bright future.