Metal-Free Restorations

Metal free restorations are tooth-colored fillings that can be applied to the surface of the teeth for both healing and aesthetic purposes.

Amalgam fillings (also known as silver fillings) expand and contract faster than natural tooth structure, making the tooth more susceptible to breaking. At Roberts & Hall Dentistry, we provide mercury-free and amalgam-free dentistry and offer tooth-colored restorations that range from composite resin fillings to porcelain.

Teeth properly restored with metal-free restorations are less sensitive to hot and cold than teeth with amalgam fillings and require less removal of tooth structure to restore. Composite fillings are tooth-colored, plastic materials that are bonded to your teeth. Thanks to their tooth-color, these metal-free restorations are a great choice for a natural and cosmetic appearance. They merge so well with the color of the teeth that makes it very difficult to distinguish them from real teeth.

If you have old amalgam fillings that need replacing, you can rest assured that we will be able to remove them safely. We are equipped with proper materials and equipment to withdraw the mercury during the removal of amalgam filling, making the procedure safe and efficient for you.

Give your smile a bright future.