The professionalism and kind nature of all our team members here at Roberts & Hall Dentistry have left many positive, lasting impressions. From the moment they step into our practice, we want to make our patients feel comfortable and welcomed. We enjoy knowing that our efforts to bring them high-quality dentistry in a warm, cozy and relaxed environment are appreciated.

We invite you to view the testimonials below and learn more about the Roberts & Hall experience!

Carl Skabronski

In this testimonial, Carl Skabronski describes his experience with the procedures he has had completed at Roberts & Hall. He has been a patient to our practice for more than 10 years. He discusses his impression of our approach and progressive attention to technology.

Cliff Garbett

Cliff Garbett discusses his experience with the placement of the implant he had done at our office. He shares his impression of the process and his overall satisfaction with Roberts & Hall.

Clyde Schroeder

Clyde Schroeder, shares the happiness he's experienced since completing his dental treatment at our office. Since having implants placed at Roberts & Hall, he can once again enjoy all of the foods that he loves.

Craig Wilcox

In this video, patient Craig Wilcox discusses his experience having his dental work completed at Roberts & Hall. He feels that our office is the only office fit for himself and his family.

Josh and Jara Ellison

Josh Ellison and his daughter, Jara, choose to drive to Twin Falls from Elko, Nevada to have their dental work done at Roberts & Hall.

Jonel Cambareri

Jonel Cambareri had an accident when she was 8 years old and lost her front tooth. Ever since, she spent many hours and traveled many miles to go to different dentists. Once she found Roberts & Hall Dentistry, her search was over.

Marilyn Eldred

Marilyn Eldred has been a patient of Roberts & Hall for many years. In her testimonial she talks about how confident she is in our work and she discusses her decision to complete Invisalign treatment.

Shawn Barigar

Patient Shawn Barigar found about Invisalign on a routine cleaning visit at Roberts & Hall. He started treatment and almost immediately started to see changes.

Shelli Wilcox

Shelli Wilcox shares with you the reasons that she chose Roberts & Hall for dental treatment. She feels as if there is no other choice for herself or for her family.

Sherry Hardin

In this testimonial, patient Sherry Hardin describes her experience with the treatment that she has received at our office.

Steve Avalos

Steve Avalos was feeling tense at his first visit at our practice, but everyone here helped him get over the anxiety. He talks about his reasons for not only choosing, but also recommending Roberts & Hall.

Steve Grupe

Patient Steve Grupe describes the positive life changes that followed his treatment in our office. After a life-long struggle with dental issues, he is pleased with his results and his experience at Roberts & Hall.

Patient Reviews

We are positive that we have some of the most amazing patients in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley! We are happy to share some of the wonderful reviews that our patients have given us:

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