Optimum Implant Placement

Optimum implant placement is the result of a virtual planning solution developed to reduce clinical challenges and minimize the chance of unexpected complications.

After obtaining the CT scan, Dr. Roberts & Dr. Hall will begin the implant treatment planning process by implementing all the CT information into an implant treatment planning software. This will create a three-dimensional model of a patient's jaws and teeth which will allow the doctorsto perform the implant surgery in a virtual environment. All data is analyzed to establish the optimum implant placement and angle, to test the bone density and to determine the proximity of adjacent teeth and other vital structures.

With implant placement established, a treatment plan is developed and discussed in detail with the patient and a surgical guide is designed on the basis of the virtual model and sent to the dental laboratory, where it is then fabricated. With the help of this specialized surgical guide, the implants will be placed in a perfect position and restored after they heal in the jaw bone.

With all the planning made in advance, the real surgery will be faster and more predictable, which means less discomfort to the patient and reduced recovery period.

Give your smile a bright future.